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Shoes and bags are part of our daily life.
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Leather shoes in Hoi An

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Leather shoes in Hoi An

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Leather shoes in Hoi An

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Leather shoes in Hoi An

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Leather shoes in Hoi An

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Leather shoes in Hoi An

Select the design, the leather and take the measurements

The customer must, first of all, choose the design and leather. The next step will be to take the measurements of each foot. The advantage of custom-made shoes is that you will be unable to find shoes more comfortable than this as everything is precisely measured to be adapt to the shape of your feet.

Cut out all parts by hand

By following the measurements of each foot, our tailors create a pattern and then cut the sole to the right size. Then they do the same for all upper parts of the shoe. It’s a meticulous work that requires precision and rigor.

Shew and assemble the uppers of the shoe.

It’s time to take it to the next level.
Our tailors assemble the different leather parts.
The shoe then begins to take shape.
Some seams are made by hand and others by machines, it depends on the parts and details of the design.

Assembler the upper parts and the sole.

This is probably the favorite moment of our tailors.
The soles and uppers are stitching together by hand.
The design appears and takes shape little by little.
The magic operates and we can see in the eyes of our tailors a huge satisfaction.

Leather shoes in Hoi An
Leather shoes in Hoi An

Details and finishes

It’s soon time to deliver the shoes in our store.
Before that, it’s important to finalize the shoes by polishing the leather sole correctly so the shape is is as perfect as possible.
All seams are examined to be sure that the shoe is solid.
The shoes are finally finished and ready for the fitting!

Only 24h to make your custom-shoes

All these steps are carried out in 24 hours only, in our workshop in Hoi An, Vietnam.
A pair of custom-made shoes, in one day, for a reasonable price and a 6 months warranty.
What else?


Shoes have been made for 40 000 years.
Hunters could be seen wearing animal skin boots in the drawings in the caves.
Then the shoes were created: stuffed with straw, closed with cord or animal laces, and made of leather.

Sandals then appeared in Ancient Egypt to protect against the heat of the sand. They were made from papyrus fibers.

The first sewn shoes appeared in the Middle Ages. Their method of manufacture is the one we still use today. These were made from supple leather.
Over the ages, shoe styles have evolved: shapes, heels, embroidery, leather, silk…

Until 1830, there was no difference between left and right, it’s a french who discovered that our feet are different and so we had to adapt the shape of the shoes.

It was at the end of the 20th century with industrialization that the first mass production of shoes appeared thanks to the invention of the sewing machine.

Hoi An, Vietnam, is a famous city for tailor-made. Craftsmen work in particular with leather and have kept a traditional savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation. All the pieces are handmade in our workshop where more than 40 tailors work to make the shoes and bags of your dreams.